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02 Dec 2023

Ian Jennings

Last week, Ian Jennings died after a long illness.

He had a successful career with General Motors and was married to Jean who gave him two children and two adored grandchildren.
Ian played cricket for the OAs but was better known for his love of rugby, playing hooker in the 1st and 2nd XVs – and being the captain of the latter.
Since his early days, he has been a Rugby club sponsor, fund raiser, Secretary and President of the rugby club for the years 1986-1991. His contribution to the rugby club earned him the distinction of being the first recipient of the Bunny Ellis Cup and he was involved in the formation of the ‘948’ club.
Ian has indeed been a long serving OA giving 60 years duty.

Ian’s commitment to the school and the OA alumni association resulted in him becoming President of the Old Albanian Association and Chairman of St Albans School Governors.

So we’ve all had time to remember our friend Ian, so rather than standing for a minute, shall we stand and drink a toast, using his favourite words, that should now be known as ‘The Jennings Toast’

“Here’s to us”

Richard Milnes,


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