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Where is the club based?

The club is located in St Albans, Hertfordshire at the Woollam’s Playing Fields where we have one of the best amateur club facilities in the country. You can find out more on our Visitor Information page.

Can anyone come to watch and how much does it cost?

We are a fully open and inclusive community club, anyone is welcome to come along to watch. We have competitive rugby matches on almost every Saturday between August and May. Pricing for match day tickets can vary, but you can find more information on our Visitor Information page.

I’m interested in joining the club, who do I get in touch with?

We’re always looking for new members and players, we have plenty of information on this site in our Membership section, you can find contact information on our Club Contacts section.

How can I keep up to date with what’s happening at the club?

We send out regular newsletters with updates of what’s going on at the club. If you’d like to receive it, please click here to sign-up.


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