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05 Jul 2021

2021/22 - Pre-Season Underway

With all the caution and apprehension of stepping on a zebra crossing on a busy road, knowing it should be safe for us to move full steam ahead but, experience telling us to be careful, rugby is slowly returning at National League level.

Whether it be the return to rugby or taking that first step on the road wondering if that car will stop, both end goals are in sight but we’re praying a COVID shaped truck doesn’t come along again and cause chaos.

Having been at the club for over 12 months it is bizarre how I have yet had the pleasure of meeting some of our most loyal and wonderful supporters. So firstly, I hope all reading this are well and have managed the last 18 months as best you can. It’s not long until the club opens up and the support network that is OA’s is available to you again.

We have had a few false starts over the last 18 months but the engagement and support the players have shown each other and to training has been remarkable. We started the season with a calorie challenge where the 1st XV competed against the Saints, Saints Legends, Colts, Grizzlies, Gladiators and OA Legends. We’ve had an internal 7’s competition in November and a 10,000,000 step challenge throughout the month of February. During all of these challenges, the players have shown remarkable resolve, determination and overperformed during such difficult times.

Finally, As we start to build momentum and stride towards the return of rugby those cautious first steps on the zebra crossing are slowly behind us. We still need to be careful but we finally have the answer to an age-old question, why did the OA’s player cross the road? If you think you’ve worked it out please feel free to let James Osborn know.

Dan George,

Head Coach

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