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22 Apr 2019

22/04/2019 - Thank You

As we reach the end of a fantastic season that for some started way back in July of last year we wanted to reflect on all the hard work put in by everyone involved.

Clubs such as ours only exist and are successful with the generous support of everyone involved from players through to the sponsors and supporters.

We have 4 Senior Men’s Sides, 1 Senior Women’s, an Academy and 1,000 kids over 14 age groups, including 3 juniors girls’ sides playing week in week out.

Whether it’s Head Coach of a side, team manager, physio, car park volunteer, supporter, or any one of 100 other jobs, they all have to be done and at OAs we’re blessed with an army of selfless willing volunteers.

We’ve tried to collate a list of all those who’ve given up their time, if we’ve missed you from the list of over 300, please accept our apologies, it was not deliberate… but to everyone we would like to say….

**** THANK YOU ****

Aaron Twyman
Adam Johnson
Adam Lach-Szyrma
Adam Robertson
Adam Stanley
Adedapo Segun
Adrian Faieta
Al Qualtrough
Alan Kirk
Alex Veitch
Alexandro Attanasio
Ali Mills
Alice Finn
Andrew Curley
Andy Charman
Andy Monk
Andy Reid
Andy Stephens
Andy Still
Ang Harris
Annabelle Gardner
Annabelle Westerdale
Anthea Harries
Anthony Graham
Ash Walsh
Ben Barnes
Ben Farrar
Ben Maurer
Ben McComb
Ben Parker
Ben Potts
Benn Latham
Bob Ireland
Brandon Howlett
Brent Leyshon
Brent Merrick
Brian Quinn
Bruce Millar
Bryan Rees
Carl Lavin
Carole Bamborough
Charlie Hughes
Charlie Johnson
Charlie Rickett
Chay Rach
Chris Gibson
Chris Ivory
Chris Napier
Chris Pople
Chris Sutton
Claire Barrie
Clare Davis
Cobus Visagie
Colin Kitson
Conor Ringland
Corinne Mills
Courtney Adams
Craig Furner
Craig Hattingh
Craig Ihlenfeldt
Craig Tallents
Dai Harries
Dan Brighton
Dan Carr
Dan Carter
Dan Evans
Darran Brown
Dave Hunt
David Buxton
David Issott
David Mason
David Powell
David Salmon
David Teague
David Wilton
Dean Cunnington
Dean Ross
Deb Ludlow
Dele Abibu
Deryn Rust
Dips Pankhania
Duane Elgey
Ed Shaw
Eddie Panting
Eddie Ridell
Emma Cooke
Emma Hooper
Fiona Shaw
Gabrielle Leyshon
Gary Phillips
Gary Tetlow
Gavin Hogg
George Goss
Georgia Macalle
Glenn Dunn-Parrant
Gordon Black
Gordon Graham
Greg Macpartlan
Gregg Botterman
Griff Durbridge
Gus Azzopardi
Guy Hodgson
Gyan Rhodes
Harry Harrison
Harry Knighton
Harry Mac
Helen Jones
Helen Powell
Henry Clear
Henry Tammaro
Iain Bowler
Iain Curtis
Iain Plunkett
Ian Dury
Ian Haywood
Ian Jarman
Ian Rees
Ian Tomlins
Ian Vogler
Jack Stevenson
Jackie Kelly
James Buckland
James Chennels
James Hathaway
James Hooper
James Hudson
James Kelly
James Lally
James McVeigh
James Osborn
James Redfern
James Steventon
Jamie Simpson
Jan Diprose
Jan Ladbooke
Jane Knighton
Jason Simmons
Jeff Fisher
Jeff Nilanga
Jill Edwards
Jo Walker
Joe Hollis
Joel Harris
John Bottomley
John Cannon
John Cullen
John Godman
John Hudnott
John McDermott
John Styles
John Wheeler
Jon Peberdy
Jon Rust
Jonathan Ling
Jonathan Rust
Jordan Harris
Julia Holmes
Julian Skeels
Julian Thomas
Karen Hermon
Kate Barnes
Kate Walker
Katie Diamond
Katie Jewell
Katrina Vine
Kevin Kusman
Kevin Lennon
Kim Watson
Kirk Davis
Kyle Coetzee
Lanna Shaw
Laura Clint
Laura Meakin
Laura Meakin
Leah Knighton
Lee Emmett
Lee Farrell
Leo Stockil
Lewis Gaffney
Maggie Maher
Marc Desmeules
Mark Albon
Mark Evans
Mark Evans
Mark Hawken
Mark Stevenson
Mark Twine
Mark Vernon
Martin Davies
Matt Flynn
Matt Haylock
Matt Jarman
Matt Sharpe
Megan Murphy
Mel Docherty
Mel Docherty
Meredydd Jones
Mica Gooding
Michael Clifford
Michael Hamblett
Michael Kemble
Mick Foley
Mike Fisher
Mike Johnson
Mike Osborne
Mike Walker
Mike Yang
Mo Corrigan
Neil Baldwin
Neil Hunter
Neil Murphy
Neil Ovenden
Neill Flavin
Nick Barnes
Nick Clark
Nick Coleman
Nick Downes
Nick Gower
Nick Hawkins
Nick Haylett
Nick Shaw
Nick Stevens
Nick Tubby
Nicola Picariello
Nigel Gundry
Olive Hayes
Parsya Amin
Pat O’Brien
Patrick Walton
Paul Adams
Paul Barnes
Paul Catterfeld
Paul Docherty
Paul Doyle
Paul Richardson
Paul Thompson
Paul Watkins
Pete Macaskill
Peter Bambroough
Peter Church
Peter Lipscomb
Peter Poulain
Phil Branston
Phil Brunt
Phil Davies
Phil Hermon
Phil Hill
Pip Kilborn
Ray Gray
Richard Duffett
Richard Hawkes
Richard Homer
Richard Milnes
Richard Williams
Rick Powdrell
Rob Evans
Rob Fenton
Rob Gillies
Rob Kennedy
Robert Rankin
Robin Farrar
Rory Davis
Rory Elliot
Ross Duncan
Ross Hamilton
Ross Taylor
Russell Osman
Ryan Kennedy
Sam Martyn
Sam Townsend
Sandy Bell
Saope Soko
Sarah Johnson
Sarah McKenna
Scott Bachmann
Scott Stevens
Shaun Herbaut
Shirley Lofts
Simon Atkinson
Simon Jeffrey
Simon Lee
Simon McGuinness
Simon Osman
Spencer Chandler
Stephanie Wells
Steve Archer
Steve Burgess
Steve Dorey
Steve Hicks
Steve Johnson
Steve Pope
Steve Riddell
Steve Thomas
Steve Watts
Steven Fee
Stu Booy
Stuart Booy
Tim Green
Tim Jenkins
Tim Matthews
Tim Nicholson
Toby Baker
Toby Turk
Tom Brandt
Tom Dobbyn
Tom Hadley
Tom Oliver
Tom Whiteley
Toni Onions
Tony Dalwood
Trevor Smith
Vikki Givernaud
Will Kilborn
Will Skelton
William Tandy

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