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27 Sep 2021

Worthing Match Report

It does not do to be over confident or complacent in a sporting situation. It also does not help matters, when you are under the cosh, to complicate the things you do, thinking this will nonplus your opponent. For reasons best known to themselves, in this high table contest, Albanians were guilty of all three shortcomings, certainly in the second period. Raiders, patient and aware of the main chance, kept cool when under pressure in the first thirty minutes, and were rewarded with a well deserved bonus point victory.

Their route to such a climax did not seem at all clear in the opening exchanges when the hosts proved more adept at winning and keeping possession and gaining better field position, the basis of simple, effective rugby. Burly centre Nick Defeo made urgent use of these advantages at the five minute mark, crossing half way out. Dan Watt converted and improved matters with a penalty eight minutes later.

Another five minutes and roles were reversed as Cam Robinson, trusting to luck, smartly took a fortuitous rebound from a speculative kick ahead and put Matt McLean in at the right corner.

Another Watt penalty took OAs to their highpoint and was immediately answered by Connor Slevin who crossed wide out as Raiders took advantage of momentary strong possession.

Almost thirty nondescript minutes later Will Hobson ran his interception in from fully seventy metres, this time for McLean to convert. Nothing the hosts attempted went right up to no side and Worthing proved they were still in the game when John Lee scuttled over at the death.

Brian Quinn,


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