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03 Sep 2021

03/09/2021 - 2021/22 Squad Announcement

After 18 long months we’re delighted to be back to competitive matches, starting with a trip to Henley. Behind the scenes the team have not stopped working since March 2020. A big thank you to all of the players and coaches for the efforts that have been put in through various lockdowns and in dealing with all the challenges COVID has presented, everyone should be very proud of the work to date.

A few people must be mentioned specifically:

Jordan Harris and the medical and S&C team, working in challenging circumstances to ensure we did everything to manage our COVID response while still delivering one of the best medical teams in the country.

Dan George who joined as Head Coach during the first wave of COVID and for nearly 18 months has been unable to take charge of a match. He has led the coaching team and squad through every challenge and ensures we’re in the best possible shape going into this season.

Bruce Millar who through his 17th and 18th seasons with the 1st XV has provided all of us with the benefit of his wise counsel and experience.

Well done and thank you to everyone involved… without further ado, please welcome our squad for 2021/22.

Aaron Bello
Alex Noot
Alex Ricci
Andrew Nurse
Ashley Illston
Ben Charnock
Ben Davies
Chris Napier
Chris West
Conor Austin
Dan George
Dan Watt
Elliot McPhun
George Kingswell-Watts
Greg Lound
Guy Butterworth
Harry Betts
Harry Cavlan
Harry Samuel
Jacob Vialou-Clark
Jacques Hladkyj
Jamie Davies
Jarryd Sage
Jo Terry-Brown
John Kenward
Johno Wicks
Jonathan Kerr
Jordan Butcher
Jordan Evans
Kadeem Collins
Kaleem Niazi
Kay Minkiewicz
Kaz Henderson
Lewis Melton
Luke Barber
Matt Harris
Matt Ramzan
Michael Hogan
Mike Bond
Morgan Thompson
Nico Defeo
Ollie Brown
Rhys Verley
Sam Jones
Tom Mills
Tom Petty
Tom Stileman
Zaki Chamnaoui

James Osborn,

Director of Rugby

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