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25 Nov 2018

25/11/2018 - Under 13s vs Tring


- 25/11/18




Under 13

  • match report

It was a dry morning at OAs on school pitch 2 at kick off, 7 degrees and a light breeze. Tring were playing in a black strip with yellow striped socks. Would there be a sting in their tail during this match?! The pressure was on for the OAs B team following a victory by the OAs A team.

Kick off by OAs with a good start running on the wing. First scrum to OAs who were scrumming beautifully low. However the ball was hooked by Tring but OAs come back fighting. Lovely pass by number 10, caught by 12 and onto number 13 running down the wing. OAs were powering through but more support was needed and an error led to Tring scoring the first try of the game.

There has been great coaching on scrumming at OAs this season and the boys kept demonstrating this throughout the game. Pressure kept being applied and it was only a matter of time before the first OAs try was scored by Harry C after a great run by Tom.
This was followed by a second try by Tring and then an equaliser by Will D. Score 2-2.

At the start of the second half with the temperature dropping and the wind picking up, there was a lovely run by Sam and some great rucking. Some tenacious plays by OAs who relentlessly pushed forward. The third OAs try was by Will D, after a lovely offload by Fred from a set piece from the scrum. 3-2.

Another OAs try after Tom B powered through and passed to Fin who scored.

Tring then quickly scored and tackles were needed by OAs in the last minutes of the game to secure the win. The defence worked great to keep Tring at bay and another OAs try scored. A last minuted try by Tring meant the final score was a win to OAs 6-5.

Comments from the coaches at the end:
Steve Pope “a first class morning of rugby, two brilliant games, the B game was brilliant, the boys were dominant in the 2nd half against a spirited opposition.”
Kim Watson added “the boys did great, tackled well, rucked brilliantly, had a deserved win, we are all very proud of them, the impact subs worked really well.”

Lunch in the clubhouse after was well deserved and an opportunity to thaw out! Great game OAs!

Stephanie Wells,

Under 13s

Under 13
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Under 13




Sunday 25 Nov 18


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