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19 Nov 2018

18/11/2018 - Under 13s vs Amersham & Chiltern


- 18/11/18

Under 13



Amersham & Chiltern

  • match report

OA U13s blew away Amersham & Chiltern (A&C) with a fabulous all round team performance. Strong forward play and resolute defence set up a platform from which we witnessed a clinical backline performance. The final score of 10-1 didn’t do justice to the intensity of the match and credit must be given to A&C who never gave up. While the first half score was 7 – 0 to OAs, the half was pretty much played entirely in OA’s own 22. The OA defensive effort was immense and their discipline was impeccable.

Quick line speed and strong hits led to turn over ball and Seb Brindley chased down his own clearance kick to score beneath the posts. A Henry Sandwell charge was quickly recycled, allowing the backs to show off their slick handling. Charlie Brunt showed filthy acceleration to leave his opposite man grabbing air and touched down try number two. A pattern began to emerge. Massive OA defence, opposition fumble, OA try. Freddie scored from a clearance kick by Henry. A huge front row effort took another scrum against the head and more quick hands released Charlie for his second. A strong scrum in the middle of their own 22 and Max seized on the smallest of gaps to break through and run the length of the pitch, skilfully using his momentum to take him over the try line while being tackled.

Seb grabbed his hat trick, scoring two fantastic tries to finish the half; the first a show and go that was straight out of Allianz Park; the second picking up a huge clearance kick by Tom and finishing with ridiculous footwork. While the tries all accrued to the backs this was a performance built from a platform of immense forward play.

A&C came out strongly in the second half and scored a try of their own with a great clearance kick return. OA’s response was to up the pressure even more. While OAs were more dominant territorially in the second half, the first 15 minutes were a lot more scrappy. But eventually OAs took the upper hand again. Toby Trewin scored with a fantastic kick through and raw pace allowed him to dive on the ball ahead of the backtracking A&C.

Charlie joined Seb with his own hat trick taking a fantastic line off wonderful play by Tom. And then the crowd was treated to a final ten minutes of offloads, steps, and brute strength. The A&C defence was huge to keep the stampeding OAs from scoring at will. One more try awaited though. Fittingly, a massive OA scrum effort allowed Tom to dance round his man and feed Freddie for the final try. Final score 10-1. A performance to be proud of.

Stephanie Wells,

Under 13s

Under 13
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Under 13



Amersham & Chiltern



Under 13

Amersham & Chiltern




Sunday 18 Nov 18


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