OA Saints join forces with Harpenden Ladies at Olney 7s

As the OA Saints arrived at Olney 7s, it was set to be a miserable day of rain and thunderstorms but they were determined to not let that dampen their spirits.

The Saints joined forces with Harpenden Ladies creating a 7s squad known as Bad Habits. The saints has made some good relationships with some of the girls whilst representing Hertfordshire in the County Tournament

Bad Habits were drawn against Camp Hill Chargers in the first match, which proved a challenging start for the newly formed team.Olney 7s 2016

After a shaky start with a lot of contact, Bad Habits began to find their footing but evidently Camp Hill made good use of their powerful, direct runners and ultimately proved to be the stronger side at the blow of the final whistle.

Next up in the draw was the Snowballs. As the weather began to clear for a brief moment, Bad Habits put what they had learnt into practice, moving the ball into space and using players on the edges. Snowballs however managed to use their speed on the wings to eke out a win.

The final game of the day was against Old Northamptonians. Bad Habits, still in high spirits fought hard learning from previous mistakes in order to grind out a win.
Old Northamptonians were determined to show their strength in the ruck and maul, adopting the well known ’99’ call to bring all their players into contact. In contrast, Bad Habits managed to ship the ball wide and with some impressive speed and crafty footwork around the outside, scored several tries to in the match.

At the end of a very damp and muddy day, Bad Habits were a happy and positive team, very pleased with their first outing as a newly combined sevens team. Together, the team look forward to more tournaments together to further strengthen the newly formed bond between the two clubs