A Leader On the Pitch and In the Workplace

OA Saints back rower and Navy Rugby Captain Charlotte Fredrickson continues to push on, whether it be on the pitch or as a highly experienced Naval Officer.


Charlotte joined the Saints last season as a player and active member on committee, after a previous spell with the club a few years ago. She has been back with a vengeance this year, adding a combination of dynamism and abrasiveness on both sides of the ball. The barnstorming nature of her play is built on a deep passion for the game with a competitive streak to match.


“I did not join the Navy to play rugby but being part of the RNRU has provided me with some of the highlights of my career; including playing against a Wales select at Cardiff Arms Park for the combined services and leading the RN side out against the French in Toulon. These stand alongside operational tours to Afghanistan and come as a welcome return for the months spent at sea far away from friends and family.”


Charlotte has been involved in Navy rugby for 11 of the 12 years she has been commissioned, only missing out due to operational tours of Afghanistan and the Middle East.  She has 24 caps all as a starter (given out during the inter-services and for the international games against the French Marine Nationale) and has 6 Combined Service caps. Her career as taken in many representative honours too, including captaining Cornwall and the Eastern Region.


“I have found the Armed Forces to be a harsh but fair place. Professional success, skill and talent is rewarded and acknowledged irrespective of gender. The same attitude is applied to sport within the military and over the last decade as women’s sport has grown in popularity and quality so has the regard in which sports women are held.”


This season doesn’t slow down with a game against the RAF as final preparation for the main event in armed forces rugby, Army vs Navy Day. This will take place on the 30th April in the morning prior to the Men’s Game. She is also very likely to go into battle for the Hertfordshire Ladies in the RFU County Championship through May.


The empowerment of women and girls in sport pays huge dividends in terms of building confidence, social and practical skills that can be transferred across into the world of education and work. Throughout the OA Saints Ladies and Girls section there is so many examples of this good work going on and the club as a whole can be very proud of their female rugby section.


We all wish Charlotte the very best for her remaining fixtures this season.