Katie Robertson

Aussie committee pic

Name: Katie Robertson

Nickname: Aussie

Committee Position: Team Manager

Playing Positions: Fly Half, Fullback

Profile: Been a Saint since: 2012. I moved to St Albans from Oxford & everyone I knew in St Albans played rugby at OA’s, either as a Saint or in the guys teams. I’d never played rugby before but had played lots of other sports so thought I would give it a go. Got totally hooked and am now rugby obsessed.

Started playing on the wing (the same as everyone) but got moved to full back pretty quickly after the coaches realised I could catch a high ball. Last season filled in a few games and training as fly half and really enjoyed the change in position and differences it gives you as a player.

Funniest moment When growing up in Australia I once woke up in a tent with a wombat which proceeded to completely ruin the tent, cover me in bruises and then escape much to the amusement of all my friends.