U13 Selection Policy and Match Day rules

Selection Policy tenets

  • Our selection policy is based around attendance, attitude and ability.
  • We foster a strong spirit within each of our teams, but not at the expense of recognising that we are all OAs.
  • We value giving teams consistency and stability, but not at the expense of avoiding giving players opportunities to develop and stretch themselves.
  • We enjoy winning matches, but will sacrifice short term results in return for long term player development and participation.

What this means in reality…

  • No-one should expect to be selected in the same team every week
  • Some players will be given the opportunity to train with a team in order to stretch themselves, but may not always play for that team.
  • To give these players the chance to stretch themselves in a match, other players will sometimes need to play in a different team.
  • Coaches will give equal game time to all selected players. The match result is secondary.
  • Assume the best of intentions in team selection. Don’t let issues fester, raise concerns promptly and constructively to those in charge.

Match Day Rules

  • We try to send out Teamer requests by Tuesday evening for a Sunday match. Please respond as soon as possible, a no response by Thursday evening is assumed to be a decline, and your place will be offered to another player.
  • Respect the facilities at Woollams and other clubs. Damage to property will result in disciplinary action and likely suspension.
  • Respect referees, opponents and spectators. Incidents of dissent will result in disciplinary action and likely suspension.
  • Red and Yellow cards are in operation this season. In the event of a Yellow card, particularly for dissent or foul play, coaches have been instructed not to allow the player back onto the field for the remainder of the game.
  • Any red cards, or incidents of serious dissent or foul play will result in disciplinary action by the senior club. The results of any disciplinary action also apply to school rugby.

After the match

  • Leave changing rooms clean, tidy, and quickly to allow other teams to use the facilities.
  • Each team has a laundry rota, and each player will take a turn to launder playing shirts.
  • Players are expected to attend the post-match meal. This is especially true for home matches, where it is our responsibility to be generous hosts. If you are unable to do this, permission should be requested from the team manager before leaving.
  • When other OA teams are playing later on the same day, players should offer support to those teams.

Other notes for parents/coaches

  • Only CRB/DBS accredited coaches and first-aiders are permitted to enter the players changing rooms. No-one else is allowed in the changing rooms, even parents of a player.