U8s See Success Home & Away

The U8s were heading in several different directions last Sunday. With the Tigers at the Amersham & Chiltern Development Festival; the Panthers, Jaguars and Leopards hosting Saracens and Royston at Woollams; and the Lions scheduled to play at Rosslyn Park, which unfortunately was rained off.

U8 Tigers at Amersham & Chiltern Development Festival

U8s Tigers at Amersham & Chiltern

The Tigers were away at the Amersham & Chiltern Development Festival. Nine players braved the Abigail storm and amidst the gusty wind played against strong opposition from Henley, Tring, Maidenhead, Amersham & Chiltern, Beaconsfield, Marlow, Ruislip, Luton and Barnet.

The wind played havoc with the kids hearing and referees and coaches struggled to make themselves heard over the wind.

But it stayed dry throughout and became another pleasant rugby day with the sun coming out and heating things up, slowly turning the mud bath into a mud puddle.

Some fierce defence from the team saw us win at least 2 turnovers and narrowly missing out on 2 more. The players have obviously been listening to the coaches as there was good evidence of straight running with support runners alongside.

However we often came to a stop when offloading, so that’s something we can look to improve upon over the coming weeks.

The kids had fun, the coaches had fun (if a little hoarse over all the shouting above the wind).

All in all we came 4th, but we pushed our opposition to the last and the matches we lost were all by a margin of 2 tries or less. Well done boys!

Royston & Saracens at Woollams

Royston & Saracens at Woollams

We saw a great morning of rugby with teams from both Royston and Saracens visiting us at Woollams.

Royston & Saracens at Woollams

With a total of 13 teams in total playing in three Round Robins we had some superb supportive play, top tagging and of course terrific tries!

OAs host Royston & Saracens 3

Well done to all!