U9s Green and Gold Floodlit Fiesta

On the evening of Saturday 4th October we took a squad of U9 Green and Gold players to Fullerians for a flood lit development festival organised by Soccious Sports. The kids really enjoyed it and asked me to recommend to the club that we host one.

Game 1 v Chess Valley

We got off to cracking start with Archie, Sam, Andrew and George making some tremendous tackles and forcing a 7 try turnover. Unfortunately in the next phase we lost possession and Chess scored. This was followed by a great piece of OAs teamwork with a good run by Arthur which resulted in a try by Jedd. Chess came back at us hard and scored again. From the restart a couple of knock ons from each side resulted in Chess try which was swiftly followed by another. Fortunately the kids kept their spirits high George and James  made a tremendous tackle which resulted in a loose ball which was picked by Andrew who made a great dummy, gave the ball to George who scored.

Final result Chess 4 OAs 2

Game 2 v OVs

OVs came out of the blocks to score 3 quick tries and it was clear we were up against a very high standard side. Our players regrouped Jedd and Archie made some great tackles but sadly it wasn’t enough and OVs scored again. However OAs didn’t let their heads drop Arthur made a tremendous break and offloaded to  Archie who scored an outstanding try. OVs scored again but from the restart Sam made a great run which was followed by some good teamwork which resulted in Florence making a long run in for a try. The final passage of play saw Florence making a couple of crunching tackles preventing another OV score.

Final result OVs 7 OAs 2

Game 3 v Watford

Rather than get despondent, OAs inspired by one of Brent’s Lloyd George-esque speeches were raring to go. Sam scored a quick try and then we won possession again after a flurry of good tackles resulting in a try for Jedd. Florence made 2 great tackles at the restart as did Sam and Harry who somehow held on to Watford’s quick runner. Jedd made a great tackle to force Watford in to touch and Harry made another great tackle. In the subsequent play George scored twice and Andrew once. From the restart Harry made another good tackle and Andrew then got possession and went over for a try. Watford managed to get a couple more trys Jedd scored, Harry made a lot of ground resulting a great try by Kyle, George scored again as did Jedd.

Final result Watford 5 OAs 10

Game 4 v Chess Valley 2

We came straight out and Archie scored. Florence and James made some great tackles from the restart and Kyle scored from the resulting possession. Unfortunately Chess then got a couple of trys following possession won from high tackles. There followed some great teamwork resulting a running offload from Harry to Archie which was either genius or fantastic luck (?) and resulted in Archie scoring. The game completed with another Archie try some great tackling by Arthur and a final Chess try.

Final Result Chess Valley2, 5 OAs 4

Game 5 v Fullerians

Fullerians put out a strong team and OAs rose to the challenge but were not able to prevent a 5 – 3 win. There was some great team play and good tackling by OAs with Sam scoring and Jedd scoring twice.

The kids really enjoyed the experience and with a little more luck we could well have come away with a couple more wins.