reds mineheadFollowing the fantastic result at Bedford last weekend the Reds arrived at the Maidenhead fest in confident mood. Coaches Adam and Carl gave a motivational team talk to the troops emphasising that winning games was no longer about scoring tries it was all about how many tackles the team could make and this inspired the team to a  great performance in their first game against Aylesbury. Liam Angus, Mathew and Zak made so many tackles in the first half the stats man found it hard to keep up and the team between them scored four tries without conceding. In the second half Liam moved ahead in the tackle chart making a six tackles but was well supported by the rest of boys and the team ran in another four tries without letting Aylesbury cross the line. So what a result in the first match 8 tries scores and none conceded.

There was a quick turn round for the next match vs Reading Abbey Abbots and so Adam and Carl challenged the Reds to continue their tackling and go through another match without conceding. Oli with 8 tackles and Mathew with 6 tackles and Harrison with 5 tackles harried the Abbots whenever they got ball ensuring turnovers on two occasions and some excellent line breaks by Charlie, Ruben and Zak secured a win by 5 tries and to nill.

So two matches down 12 tries scored and none conceded could the Reds keep this up in the match 3 against the home team of Maidenhead Phantoms. First play the Reds have the ball and following three tackles by the Phantoms the ball goes out to Angus to score the first try. Back to the middle and Phantoms pass the ball straight to their biggest player who runs  though poor tackles by Angus and Liam to score down the middle. This shocks the Reds back into tackling action – Codi, Oli and an outstanding defensive performance by Matthew, 10 tackles, ensures no further tries are conceded and Codi, Ruben and Charlie score the tries to give the Red a 7 – 1 victory.

In the final group match the Reds faced Aylesbury again and with a good all round performance they managed a 7 ties to 1 victory conceding a late try when they were comfortably ahead

Now it was on to another second final in two weeks. This one was against a strong Bracknell team who had comfortably won their group. A quick team talk from coaches Adam and Carl produced a top performance from the Reds with every player making at least two tackles and Codi, Liam, Mathew Ruben and Oli making a total of 28 between them . What a result a win to the Reds by 7 ties to 1 – Come On OAS !!!