OA Stormers U9s @ Slough Festival

The Stormers headed off to the Slough Festival on 3rd March, very short of game time due to the weather conditions this season.

OA Stormers

OA Stormers

Our first game was against Beaconsfield, who are traditionally a very strong club. Their team was extremely well-organised in defence and despite great work from us retaining possession we were turned over several times due to the 7-tackle rule. They also had some strong runners and unfortunately beat us well – 6-1.

The second game was against Reading and a much improved performance in both attack and defence, and we had a much more effective shape in attack. Frankly the game could have gone either way, but we just lost 6-4.

By the time of the third and final match, it is fair to say that we had fully woken up and produced our best performance of the day against Chesham, winning 3-2.

So, this was a useful rehearsal for the Herts County Festival, and a rare opportunity for all the boys to gel as a team (given the earlier weather-related disruptions to matches against other clubs). Particularly encouraging was the fact that we were improving in each match, and the boys were taking on board things they could improve on from the earlier matches. I suspect that the result against Beaconsfield would have been much closer if we had played them last, and they finished top of the group and so went on to reach the final (no semis).

So congratulations to the boys, all of whom played and supported each other well. Particular stand-out players were Finlay for his monstrous work in defence and strong running in attack, Jonny C for some great tries and Jack G for his tries and also a memorable chase down the touchline to make a try-saving tackle.

A big word of thanks to Joanne and the rest of her team @ Slough for running a great festival.  Hope to see you all again soon!