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Ashplant, Anthony
Azzopardi, Gus
Bacon, Roy
Barnes, Andy
Barnes, Nick
Barnes, Paul
Beardsall, David
Bedford, Steve
Bell, Sandy
Blake Turner, Peter
Brazier, Peter
Brignall, George
Brown, Peter
Burgess, Steve
Buttle, Peter
Buxton, David
Collins, Clive
Connold, David
Cook, Roger
Crocker, Tim
Curtis , Mike
Dalwood, Tony
Davies, Sian
Davis, Rory
Davies , Phil
Dean, Mark
Doyle, Paul
Dredge, Peter
Druce, Darryl

Eames, Stephen
Edwards, R A
Evans, Sally
Farnsworth, Ian
Farrar, Ben

Farrar, Robin
Fewkes, Chris
Foord, John
Ford, Christopher
Foster, Paul

Gibson, Peter
Gregory, Stephen
Gregory, Jim
Griffiths, Steve
Hall, Ron
Hallett, Nick
Hamilton, Ian
Hamilton, Julie
Hamilton Smith, Nigel
Hardwick, Rob
Harrison, Harry
Hawtin, Mike
Haywood, Ian
Healey, Michael
Hill, Patrick
Hiom, David
Hodge, Mike
Homer, Richard
Hughes, David
Hunt, Richard
Jackson, Paul
Jennings, Ian
John, Geraint
Johnson, Charlie
Johnson, Mike
Johnson, Richard
Kelly, Stephen

Keenan, Kevin
Kenningham, Mike
King, James
Knighton, Jane
Knighton, John
Lamb, Geoffrey
Laws, Gavin
Lindsay, Peter
Lipscomb, Peter
Luck, Victor
McCartney, Alan
McKenzie, Owain
McMillan, Alasdair
Mills, Don
Mills Baker, Andrew
Milnes, Richard
Moore, Mitchell
Moore, Nigel
Norman, Andy
O’Donnell, Patrick
Olive, Graham
Osborn, James
Osborne, Mike
Palmer, Guy
Pattison, Mike
Pepper, David
Powdrell, Rick
Pryse Davies, Peter
Rhodes, Peter
Richardson, Paul
Richardson, J
Rolfe, Glen

Saunders, Alison
Scott, Andrew
Sharpe, Robert
Stratford, Cliff
Sullman, Brian
Sykes, Chris
Thomas, Roger
Thomas, Melvin
Tomlins, Ian
Tominey, Adrian
Trehy, Kevin
Uggla, Lance
Wadeson, Marie
Walker, Mike
Walker, Chris
Waller, Mark
Wall, Rodger
Wilding, Keith
Wreford, Paul
Westwell, Graham

Many thanks to all of our VPs, if you’re interested in joining the club, please view our Membership page for more information.


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